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Why another undo framework
Most undo frameworks uses so called actions or commands to describe the undo and redo actions, which forces you to adjust your architecture to use a 3rd party object structure. So far no problem, but in case you need to exchange this framework it is quite a bit work to rework these former used object structure.

Furthermore I found it not convenient to keep adding actions for every operation which supports the undo operations. I prefer a declarative way which is more easy to use.

Simple example



public void Add(string item)
    Console.WriteLine("Add {0}", item);
    UndoManager.DefaultUndoManager.RegisterInvocation(this, p => p.Remove(item)));

public void Remove(string item)
    Console.WriteLine("Remove {0}", item);
    UndoManager.DefaultUndoManager.RegisterInvocation(this, p => p.Add(item)));

See QuickStart for more examples.

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