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UndoManager V1.0 RC2

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Updated: Aug 19, 2011 by Enyra
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Release Notes

Add some features and improve the code quality.

New features
  • An action name can be set for the undo operation. This action name is appended into a localized undo/redo button text.
  • The IInvokable interface is now public and can be used to create and register action objects, similar to other undo frameworks.
  • Invocations can be registered with a simple action delegate with one parameter.
  • Invocations can be registered thru a dynamic object.

Breaking Changes
  • The undo manager assembly targets now the .Net 4.0 framework.
  • UndoManager.CommitTransaction() and UndoManager.RollbackTransaction() target now the top most open transaction in the hierarchy instead of the last opened transaction.
  • Rollback a transaction will not execute the registered invocations anymore.